NayaPay, - The Payment Solution of the Future
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NayaPay, - The Payment Solution of the Future

 NayaPay is revolutionizing the payment industry and making it easier for everyone to access transaction services. Whether you are a small business owner, freelancer, or just someone who wants to simplify their payments, NayaPay has got you covered. With its commitment to customer satisfaction and privacy, NayaPay is the payment solution of the future.

What is NayaPay?

NayaPay offers a comprehensive payment solution for everyday transactions. With its free money transfer service, sending funds to friends and family has never been easier. Additionally, NayaPay provides instant access to a free Visa debit card for use in online, in-store, and international payments. 

The platform also caters to entrepreneurs with NayaPay Arc, which offers digital financial management tools. Designed with the user in mind, NayaPay comes equipped with strong support and is poised to drive change in the Pakistani economy by empowering small businesses with the power of technology.

Which bank is NayaPay?

HBL, Pakistan's premier banking institution, has joined forces with NayaPay to enable seamless cross-border transactions. With this partnership, customers can now receive foreign remittances from HBL's partner money transfer agents (MTOs) directly into their NayaPay account in real time. This collaboration streamlines the process of receiving foreign funds and provides customers with a convenient and efficient solution.

Does NayaPay Work Internationally?

The Visa debit card offered by NayaPay can be used to make purchases at millions of retail and online merchants worldwide, providing a versatile and convenient payment option. In addition, the card can be used at all 15,000+ ATMs across Pakistan, making it a convenient solution for cash withdrawals and other transactions. With this wide acceptance, NayaPay's Visa debit card is a practical choice for your everyday financial needs.

What are the limits of NayaPay?

The State Bank of Pakistan has set a monthly receive limit of Rs. 500,000 for unregistered businesses using NayaPay. This means that if you are an unregistered business, you will be limited to receiving a maximum of Rs. 500,000 per month through your NayaPay account. 

This requirement is in place to ensure compliance with government regulations and to maintain the integrity of the financial system. It's important for businesses to register their operations with the relevant authorities to avoid these limitations and access the full range of services offered by NayaPay.

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Why NayaPay is free?

At NayaPay, they believe that access to financial services should be available to everyone. To achieve this, their aim is to keep fees as low as possible and offer services for free whenever they can. This means that money transfers between NayaPay users are always free of charge. The Visa debit card offered by NayaPay is also free, with no annual fees or SMS surcharges, making it an accessible and cost-effective solution for your everyday financial needs.

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