Cyber Security, for Free with OPSWAT Academy,
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Cyber Security, for Free with OPSWAT Academy,

OPSWAT Academy is a leading platform for learning cyber security. It provides a comprehensive and practical curriculum to help individuals expand their knowledge and skills in the field. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, the academy offers courses and certifications to help you advance your career.


With certified courses and real-world simulations, students can gain hands-on experience and develop a practical skillset in protecting against cyber threats. The academy's focus on critical infrastructure protection (CIP) sets it apart and provides students with a crucial understanding of the importance of data security and the steps needed to ensure its protection. Enroll in OPSWAT Academy today and take your first step towards a career in cyber security.

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What is OPSWAT Academy?

Join CIP in Protecting Our Nation: The 16 critical infrastructure sectors are facing heightened cyber threats, yet there are tens of thousands of crucial job openings waiting to be filled.

CIP Cybersecurity Training: The OPSWAT Academy was established to tackle the shortage of CIP cybersecurity skills in the 16 core areas by offering courses that emphasize effective methods and hands-on techniques.

Gain Expertise from the CIP Leader: These proven methods and techniques stem from 19 years of unparalleled leadership in CIP cybersecurity.

Advance Your Career: Whether starting in cybersecurity or already experienced, OPSWAT Academy will boost your understanding and mastery of CIP cybersecurity.

CIP Cybersecurity Training: A Comprehensive Overview

OPSWAT Academy: Emphasizing technical proficiency over conventional education, leading the way in training the next generation of CIP cybersecurity specialists for immediate job opportunities - for practitioners, students, or IT professionals looking to enhance their skills.

List of OPSWAT Academy Courses

Introduction to Critical Infrastructure Protection
File Security Associate
Data Transfer Security Associate
Secure Storage Associate
Legacy System Security Associate
Web Traffic Protection Associate
Email Security Associate
Endpoint Compliance Associate
Network Security Associate
MetaDefender Core Professional
MetaAccess Professional
MetaAccess NAC Professional
MetaDefender Kiosk Professional

Why OPSWAT Academy is the Preferred Choice

OPSWAT Inc. is a top Critical Infrastructure Protection and cybersecurity firm with 20 years of experience in safeguarding and supporting major global companies.

OPSWAT Academy was established with the aim of sharing its expertise, educating both beginners and experts, and serving as a hub for those interested in CIP cyberspace.

OPSWAT Academy Career Options

OPSWAT Academy offers two-course programs: The Associate Course covers the fundamentals of CIP and cybersecurity, while the Professional Course enhances your existing knowledge and provides insight into OPSWAT Inc.'s products and services.

OPSWAT Academy Certification

Upon completion of your selected course program, you will earn certification as a CIP and cybersecurity associate or professional. Certifications are validated by OPSWAT Inc. and OPSWAT Academy is seeking accreditation from the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)², as well as credit eligibility for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) exam.

The OPSWAT Academy course program certification will recognize you as a skilled CIP and cybersecurity professional, making you a valuable asset for your employer or future employer. You can showcase your certifications on LinkedIn or through the Credly badge-sharing community.

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