Course Hero, || The Best Academic Resource for Students
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Course Hero, || The Best Academic Resource for Students

 Course Hero is a web-based education platform providing course-related study materials. Established in 2006 by college student Andrew Grauer, it aims to equip students with the necessary confidence and readiness to succeed in their academic pursuits.

Course Hero helps students along their educational journey by offering resources to comprehend coursework, excel on exams, and retain knowledge. With the ability to either subscribe or contribute, students have access to millions of study materials, including practice questions, study guides, textbook solutions, and in-depth explanations for various subjects. 

Over 100,000 educators from the US, Canada, and Australia are part of the Course Hero educator network, collaborating and sharing resources, as well as refining teaching techniques.

How Course Hero Helps Educators

Course Hero's expanding community of college faculty share a common goal of supporting each other in developing teaching skills and aiding students in their academic pursuits. The platform enables educators to exchange resources, collaborate with their peers, and refine their teaching methods. Over 100,000 educators are part of the Course Hero community. 

They contribute materials such as homework, exams, case studies, lecture notes, and more. Faculty also join to acquire new techniques and strategies through events including workshops, discussions, and community meetings with experienced instructors and subject matter experts.

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Course Hero Scholarship Opportunities

Assisting students and educators involves more than just offering online study materials, tutoring, and a community of educators. They acknowledge the great challenges students face to achieve academic success. The Hero Student Scholarship recognizes and rewards students who have overcome obstacles in their college careers. 

They receive a $5,000 annual award until graduation. Additionally, they offer scholarships specifically for first-generation college students, community leaders, veterans, and other deserving individuals.

Course Hero: Your Guide to College Grit

The College Grit initiative acknowledges and supports students and the difficulties they face on their academic journey. The program encourages students to share their stories of perseverance, no matter how significant or minor, and rewards their bravery, determination, and resourcefulness. 

Achieving graduation has become increasingly complicated for many students, with COVID-19 exacerbating the challenges faced by the growing number of students who work while studying, have dependents, or face uncertainty about their next meal. It's crucial for students to feel supported and motivated as they work towards graduation.

Course Hero's Emergency Aid Program

The Covid-19 pandemic increased the stress on students and educators who were already facing challenges. To assist them during these uncertain times, Course Hero dedicated $500,000 to the Student Emergency Aid Initiative. 

Students could apply for financial assistance for their pressing needs. In addition, they made our document library of learning and teaching resources accessible to both students and educators and facilitated peer evaluations among educators seeking feedback on their distance-teaching methods.


Is Course Hero for free?

Course Hero provides both a free Basic Membership and a paid Premier Membership option. Basic members have the option to receive help from our online tutors for a fee.

Can you make money on Course Hero?

Tutors on Course Hero have the potential to earn up to $1,500+ each month by using their knowledge and skills to assist students globally. However, actual earnings for each tutor may vary based on factors such as the number of questions answered, question complexity, subject matter, and quality of the response, among others.

How long is Course Hero's free trial?

By uploading your original study materials, you can access all other uploaded documents for free and aid others in their learning. Each upload earns you Unlocks, which remain valid for 30 days.

Is there a limit to Course Hero?

With a paid membership, you get 30 monthly Unlocks from your subscription date, which refreshes each month from your original sign-up date. Unused Unlocks do not carry over, but additional Unlocks can be purchased with a Premier Membership.

How much is Course Hero's payment per month?

For cost-effective access to Course Hero's resources, the best option is an annual subscription for $9.99. If you prefer a shorter commitment, a monthly subscription is available for $39.99, with the option to cancel at any time. The quarterly option is $19.95 per month. Regardless of the subscription length, students will receive numerous benefits.

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