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During the skills shortage, we are going to know the Top Five Jobs in Australia in Need of Skilled Workers. The labor market in Australia is flourishing, as the number of workers without jobs is still at its lowest even after an increase in the inflation rate to 6.8 percent in August.

Although the pressure of expenses due to inflation may be troubling, most Australians do not need to worry about job security due to the present skill shortage in Australia, where the number of job vacancies is greater than the number of workers available. This situation is the same throughout the country.

Some states provide more job opportunities than others. Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that they have the lowest rate of unemployment at 2.7 percent. Western Australia has an unemployment rate of 3.1 percent. The Eastern states are close to the national average of 3.5 percent, and the highest is in Tasmania at 4.9 percent.

So which jobs rank in the top five due to the shortage of experienced workers throughout most parts of the economy? Some skills will certainly be in higher demand than others.

The following are the Top Five High Demand Jobs in Australia

1. Managers of IT Projects

2. Accountants

3. Heavy Diesel Fitters

4. Civil Engineers

5. Software Developers

The demand for these jobs may slightly differ across different states, but these jobs are in high demand because of the online transformation of many businesses. Because of this, the demand for IT project managers is increasing, just as software developers can find multiple opportunities in organizations.

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who want to improve and maintain the interface of their digital channels, and different projects in the pipeline infrastructure are also increasing the need for engineering skills throughout the country, and the skills required for these projects are already in short supply.

The long-established mines in Western Australia and Queensland are in need of heavy diesel fitters who have special skills in repairing and maintaining heavy plant equipment and vehicles. The skill shortage in Australia is expected to continue for a while despite the changes in the job description that Summit put into effect.

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