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Employability Skills: The Conceptual Meaning of Job Skills,

 In order to be employable, people must possess certain skills that are marketable. These skills can include technical skills, communication skills, and personal skills. In order to have employable skills, people must be able to do the following: 

• Communicate clearly and effectively with the company 

• Demonstrate a commitment to the company and their work 

• Have the skills to meet their goals 

If you have the above skills, you can be considered employable.

Employability skills are the practical skills and knowledge that people need in order to have a job and to get hired. 

These skills are needed to help a person have a successful career, but also help them to find employment. These skills include knowledge about the field, work experience, a good work ethic, and interpersonal skills.

Why is Skill Important?

Skills are a part of our human nature. We have a certain set of skills that we use to help us survive in life. Some of these skills are taught and some are inborn. 

Some of the skills are physical and some are intellectual.  Our abilities are what help us to be successful. Skills are the reason that we can use the tools we have to help us get through life.

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