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Active Listening Skills, - Hear What People are Really Saying

 "The greatest secret to a successful career is active listening skills." Active listening is a process of understanding what the other person is saying, filtering out distractions, and reflecting back on the message to make sure the person is heard. 

Active listening skills are useful in almost any workplace. They help to build trust with colleagues, coworkers, and clients. They also help to establish rapport and make sure you're understood. 

Some of the active listening skills include reflecting back on the message, paraphrasing, asking clarifying questions, and making the other person feel heard. 

Active listening skills are critical to the success of many fields, including education, sales, customer service, and marketing. They help people communicate effectively and increase productivity.

In Simple: Active listening skills are the ability to listen to others without interrupting, without feeling like you need to speak, and without jumping in with your own ideas. These skills are important because they allow people to feel heard, understood, and validated.

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