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Ways to Increase the Amount of Money You Make,

 It is difficult to make money without having to put in a lot of effort. It is also difficult to make money in a way that is sustainable and long-term. but the following information will be much helpful for you to take good steps. 

1. you can make money by working either as an employee or working for yourself (self-employed) you're trading your time for money this is even true for high-income earners like doctor-lawyers essentially working to make money by working. 

as a worker, there are only two ways to increase the amount of money you make, either by working more hours or you develop new skills but you're becoming more valuable right remember joe's example go back to school and get more education right now they can manage the people who manage the machines you could do that.

2. the way you can make money is by selling things of course that's what we do as a broker or it could be as a digital marketer as a closer the money you make does not depend so much on the time you put into it because could you put a lot of time on the phone and not make anything yes

there's nothing to do with now could you be making two thousand, or three thousand dollars in 30 minutes yes or no it's not determined by the time that you put into it.

3. can you make money by owning things. if you own an income-producing asset like maybe rental real estate you can make money from your rental income if you only run an active business you know how to lead, and how to build a team you can make money through its profits because the money you generate from business is not called income it's called what profit.

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