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Addiction, The Best Way to Understand Addiction,

 A word that is often used to describe the consequences of having an unhealthy relationship with a substance, such as alcohol, drugs, or food. For some, it is the only word that is able to explain the adverse effects that follow their habit. 

For others, it is a word that is too negative and that has no place in their vocabulary. The best way to understand addiction is through the concept of "addiction triggers." There are different triggers that can set someone on a path to developing an addiction. For some people, these triggers can be very subtle. For others, they can be incredibly obvious. 

The trigger can be anything from having a happy memory about drinking alcohol, to being in a social setting where drinking alcohol is the norm. These triggers are what ultimately lead to addiction. The first time you drink alcohol, you might have had a positive experience. 

You might have felt relaxed and welcomed into a new group of friends. You might have enjoyed the taste of your first drink. It is these positive memories that are associated with alcohol that can lead someone to become addicted. 

Alcoholism is a disease that is characterized by compulsive use of alcohol despite negative consequences and physical dependence on alcohol. Alcoholism affects nearly 15% of the population in the United States. There are several signs that someone may be suffering from alcoholism. 

These include drinking more than one alcoholic beverage per day, not being able to stop drinking once they start, missing work or school due to drinking, using alcohol as a coping mechanism for difficult situations, and more.

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