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What Is NOC, || Why NOC Required, || A Guide To Know About - NOC, || Pakistan,

A NOC (no objection certificate) is a document issued by a government authority to allow an individual or organization to carry out certain activities without being questioned by the authorities.

 It is often required before carrying out construction projects, such as building roads, bridges, dams, etc. They also play a vital role in the oil and gas sector. 

For instance, they are needed to drill wells, build pipelines, and construct refineries.

 NOCs are usually provided by governments to companies who wish to carry out large-scale projects. The issuance of NOCs is regulated by various laws and regulations.

Is it mandatory to get NOC from political parties before holding election rallies or meetings?

 The Election Commission of Pakistan has issued a circular stating that no permission is required for holding public meetings or rallies. 

This means that anyone can hold such events without obtaining prior approval from the commission.

 However, the commission also clarified that only registered political parties are allowed to hold public gatherings. In other words, unregistered political parties cannot hold public meetings or rallies.

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