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Shahid Anwar, | Journey From Peshawar, Pakistan To America, USA,

 Shahid Anwar was born in Peshawar Pakistan. He studied at the University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar (UETP) where he received his degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

After graduating from UETP, he moved to California, United States of America to pursue his career. In California, he worked for several companies including Boeing and Lockheed Martin. 

His passion for business and entrepreneurship led him to start his own company named “Anwar Enterprises”.

Anwar is an entrepreneur who has invested millions in Amazon. He believes that Amazon is going to be worth $1 trillion dollars in the next decade. What do you think?

 Shahid believes that entrepreneurs should focus on building their businesses rather than worrying about investors. 

He says that being an early-stage investor is much easier than being a late-stage investor because the former gives you access to new ideas and opportunities.

 Amazon is currently valued at over $800 billion dollars. The company has grown rapidly since its founding in 1994. In 2017 alone, Amazon grew revenue by nearly 30 percent.

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 Anwar says that he sees Amazon as being a major player in the future of eCommerce. He also thinks that Amazon will become the largest retailer in the world within the next ten years.

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