The Objective Of Education, What Does Education Actually Teach Us?
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The Objective Of Education, What Does Education Actually Teach Us?

The purpose of education is to teach students to be open-minded and avoid bigotry in their lives so that they can live freely without being under the control of dogma.

Unfortunately, high grades are not always directly related to the amount of material a student knows on a particular subject, as there are other ways to get high grades without getting good test scores or learning the material thoroughly. 

In fact, in a few of my courses, students are often given extra credit opportunities, which may or may not be relevant to the subject.

Therefore, education is not just for prestige or economic purposes, it should prepare students to become citizens of a conscious, knowledgeable, and caring society that will struggle with the wearing-out effects of bigotry.

While the purpose of education is to train students to refute bigotry, this skill often transcends the classroom and affects students and young adults alike in their personal lives.

The ability to keep an open mind is an essential skill in life, especially at a time when social and mainstream media are filled with misleading and dangerous misinformation. 

Some of this disinformation even leads to the death of individuals and enslaves the minds of millions who are not well-educated, emotionally driven, and bigoted. They also refuse to expand their mental limits to accept rational facts or even the perspectives of others.

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