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Students Hate Maths: How Do Students Feel About Mathematics?

 "Mathematics" is generally considered a dry subject, hence it is very popular. It is surprising that there are a large number of students who can not solve a problem despite their understanding of mathematics. The main reason for the lack of interest in mathematics is the fear of unanswered questions.

Mathematics is called um al-science because without mathematics science would not exist or basic science would not be complete. The laws of mathematics are used in modern sciences such as physics, biology, and chemistry. Even scientists like Einstein or Newton had to rely on the laws of mathematics to present their theories. Mathematics seems to be needed in every part of the world.

Why Do Students Hate Maths As A Subject | How Do Students Feel About Mathematics?

Agriculture, engineering process, mathematics as if involved in some institute. In view of its necessity and importance, mathematics has a special place in the world, with special attention being paid to the development of its curriculum and the training of teachers. But the mathematical situation in Pakistan is completely different.

The system, the curriculum, and the teachers are at a loss. Fortunately, according to the basic structure of mathematics, if a teacher is available, the curriculum does not match it or the system does not allow it. There is an atmosphere of tension in most educational institutions regarding the teaching of mathematics. As a result, the culture of simply solving questions without understanding the subject has become commonplace and students consider the acquisition of knowledge to be a "fly to fly" education.

A person who helps to climb the ladder of consciousness is said to be a good teacher - usually liberating himself responsibly by relying on ‘teaching’ in his own way rather than explaining the basic principles of mathematics. It is not possible for a teacher to teach unless he himself understands its necessity, importance, and logic. Students also have the ability to teach the subject and the ability to understand the subject.

Remembering questions students lose the ability to solve and find the question, as a result, they find mathematics a monotonous and difficult subject and mathematical fear runs in the blood. Such students are caught in a vortex of despair with the tag of incompetence. Sad when the book opened. I decided not to read math in the future. If your luck is good, you find a good teacher, all problems are solved, numbers and symbols begin to speak, gradually increasing students' interest in mathematics. The confidence graph increases.

Compared to other textbooks the math subject works very positively on the mental fitness and ability of the students.

Presenting mathematics as ‘ganzlik’ is one of the tragedies in our society. Parents seem to be worried. According to the teachers, the curriculum should be designed keeping in view the modern requirements and the time needs of the teachers as per the training and making the students understand according to the basic elements of mathematics. Students will be able to integrate mathematics into everyday life if they are familiar with symbols such as numbers, symbols, the purpose of basic principles, and the application of general law.

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